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Independent feeding advice and mineral supplements plus Mov-Ease by My Best Horse for joint support

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Premium, highly bioavailable Mineral & Vitamin Supplements:

Many horse owners would like to be able to have the diet done properly, based on pasture or hay testing but it's not always possible. Balanced Equine began to offer supplements after many requests to provide help for horse owners who are not in a position to test their horses' forage. For this reason, the Best Guess, Equi Horse mix (formerly known as Hoof Rescue), Equi Horse +Se mix (formerly known as Hoof Rescue +Se) and HoofXtra (formerly known as Laminitis Rescue mineral & vitamin mix) were introduced. You can also purchase individual minerals on their own; copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium. Also, B vitamins biotin and amino acid methione and the essential amino acid blend, Equine Amino. 

All products contain no added iron, no fillers, either zero or extremely low sugar and starch and contain the highest purity, top quality minerals with the highest bioavailability for horses. In keeping with the NRC guidelines there are no added nutrients considered unnecessary for supplementing horses on high forage diets such as cobalt or boron. In fact, additional supplementation may be toxic.

Photos by Denise Thatcher, owner of Harvey.

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