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Balanced Equine


Balanced Equine consists of Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed and Rob Howden

Read about Rob Howden - professional hoof care practitionerCarol Layton

A need to understand the art and science behind feeding horses compelled Carol to search for courses that explained in depth the way to deliver an optimal diet based on peer reviewed scientific studies and to develop the tools to critique the abundant fads, myths and pseudo science.

In 2008, Carol enrolled in equine nutrition courses provided by Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD and has never stopped studying. In 2009, Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD asked her to tutor students in the online nutrition course called NRCPlus and is still tutoring students today. Carol is currently a lecturer in equine nutrition for the nationally recognised Australian Certified Hoof Care Course (ACEHP). This is an Australia wide certificate underpinned by accredited units.  

Carol is passionate about teaching and sharing her knowledge of equine nutrition, so far she has been invited to speak at Equitana (2013) and has been a speaker at a number of conferences in Australia, the Functional Hoof conferences in 2011 (Werribee) and 2014 (Daylesford) and in 2012 Carol was a keynote speaker at the World Hoof Care Conference in Prague, Europe.

Due to demand, Carol has been delivering seminars to groups of horse owners across the country where she explains the myths, fads and marketing ploys, and advocates simple, holistic and cost effective feeding for all horses including high performance horses, and growing, pregnant and lactating horses. Carol's expertise in equine nutrition is not simply about what to feed but also how to best support horses along the lines of timing of feeding, what to feed before and after work and electrolyting. Specialised feeding advice is provided for veterinary diagnosed issues such as tying up, EPSM/PSSM, ulcers, diarrhoea, Cushings/PPID, sugar sensitivity/insulin resistance and those predisposed to laminitis.

Horses cost a lot of money and there is plenty of stuff to throw money away on. Feed companies offer advice for free, as long as you accept their recommendation of something in their product line and there may be nothing they sell that suits your horse's situation. No feed company truly takes into account the whole diet, especially the bulk - pasture or hay. Carol's feed and supplement recommendations are not tied to any company, her aim is to make feeding as simple and cost effective as can be but at the same time, ensuring sufficient nutrients as close to ideal ratios.

Carol Layton SqiggleCourses studied by Carol include:

  • NRCPlus (Carol tutors the new students)
  • Nutrition and the Performance Horse
  • Nutrition and Therapy
  • Cushings and Insulin Resistance
  • Management of Pregnancy and Growth
  • Neurological and Muscular Disorders
  • Understanding Blood Work
  • Nutrition and Case Histories
  • Arthritis and Lamenesses
  • Basics of Reading Radiographs
  • Feeding the Dog and Cat

Interested in hosting a seminar? Contact Carol: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Balanced Equine Carol Layton

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