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Balanced Equine Hoof Care with Rob Howden

Rob HowdenRob Howden has a broad range of experience trimming laminitic rehabilitation cases to performance horses, including eventing, dressage and endurance horses. As well as trimming horses for successful 160 km Tom Quilty national championship, 160 km state championships and many 80 km ride completions, he is the trimmer of one of the two first endurance horses to complete the 400 km marathon ride, Shahzada, barefoot and booted. Rob also has extensive experience with gluing boots and fitting Easycare, Renegade and Fusion boots.

Rob started trimming his own horses in 2004 when he was dissatisfied with their hooves. After attending an Equethy clinic he got the 'bug' and started trimming other horses on demand, not just his own. Recognising that learning never stops, Rob took every opportunity to attend other Equethy clinics with John Gorman and later Andrew Bowe. When Pete Ramey first came to Australia, Rob travelled down south to Berry to hear what he had to say and watch his demonstrations of hoof care. The experience was mind blowing and a turning point. Soon after Rob took on trimming as a full time occupation and word of mouth recommendations to other horse owners quickly spread.

2008 - Enrolled in the first Diploma in Equine Podiotherapy course
2011 -  Functional Hoof Conference Werribee
2014 - Farriers Special Anatomy Class with Dr Deb Bennett PhD
2014 - Functional Hoof Conference Daylesford
2016 - Sharon May Davis (the Bone Lady) Biomechanics Course with a focus on lamenesses, anatomy and musculature

Rob is currently a mentor for the students who have enrolled in the excellent Australian Certified Hoof Care Practitioners Course (ACEHP) http://www.australianhooftrimmers.com/ This is an Australia wide certificate underpinned by accredited units. We are so fortunate to have in Australia such quality hoof care tuition. The ACEHP course has excellent and very experienced teachers in Jen Clingly and Jeremy Ford of Wild About Hooves, Marg Richardson and Jacky Ynema. Other lecturers include Professor Chris Pollitt (Australian Equine Laminitis Research Unit, University of Queensland) and Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed of Balanced Equine.

Rob is available to mentor horse owners who wish to trim their own horses and is experienced in fitting hoof boots for rehabilitation and for performance.

Available for horses in the Gloucester region in NSW, Australia.

Ring 0412 301 577 or 02 6558 5573
Rob can be out of mobile reception when visiting clients so please don't give up if you don't get through the first time. 

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