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Queensland Itch remedies

I understand the distress and frustration with watching a horse mercilessly self mutilate. The only way to beat Queensland Itch is to live in a place that doesn't contain sandflies or midges (Culicoides species).

"I was told that whey powder is quite good for horses (protein?) and have just started feeding my gelding a mineral type mix which has whey powder in it. He is on medium work - schooling, bush riding and dressage (low level) on weekends, and also gets good quality oaten hay, soaked barley and lupins, and cracked wheat.  I have noticed his urine has a strong smell which it didn't before, and his manure is a bit whiffy too - could this be the whey? If the whey powder is not the problem, I was hoping to get it direct from the dairy to feed to him. Would you recommend this?" J. Alexander, Darling Downs WA

My answer:

Why do horses foam?

Some horses when worked become covered in white foam, some don't. Horse sweat is unusual in that it contains a large amount of protein called ‘latherin’.

Off the shelf supplements

The short answer is it depends, they are neither good nor bad though some are definitely better than others on the market.

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