Equine Nutrition Seminars with Carol Layton B.Sc M.Ed

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This is a full day seminar looking at the art and science of feeding horses, for health and well-being, and as far as possible, keeping it simple and cost effective. Based on scientific research of the horses’ digestive system, horse owners will be shown what the best feed ingredients are and why in terms of overall health and performance. By understanding why these types of feeds are so beneficial to horses, better informed decisions can be made for what to buy at their local stock feed retailer from the often confusing and huge array of products on offer and help to navigate the myths and marketing and feed labels.

For part of the afternoon, Carol will focus on dietary laminitis and Cushings (PPID) to help horse owners with choosing from the best and safest feeds and what the key nutrients and herbs are to aid in rehabilitation plus horse management practices.

Past seminars have been held all over Australia and overseas.
About Balanced Equine has a list of past seminar locations and conferences where Carol has been invited to present.

If you are interested in hosting a seminar, email carol.layton@gmail.com

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