Equine Nutrition Seminar – Macclesfield VIC

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Macclesfield VIC – Saturday 6th November 2021

Balanced Equine nutrition seminar with Carol Layton B.Sc, M.Ed

Topics covered:

Equine digestion
The Australian feed industry: an independent evaluation
Why fibre matters
Nutrients: protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes
Feeding for hoof, coat and immune system health
Understanding pasture and hay and the nutrition they provide – it’s not just roughage or filler
Who are the NRC
Limitations of soil, blood and hair testing
Pasture and hay testing
Understanding common causes of laminitis; insulin resistance IR/EMS and hindgut carbohydrate overload
PPID/Cushings horses
Common feeding fads and myths
Understanding feed labels

Time will be allocated for your questions so bring a list of what you have always wanted to know about feeding horses.

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