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Sel-Plex (0.2% organic selenium yeast): 0.5 grams = 1 mg selenium

1/4 teaspoon metric volume measure will contain approximately 0.85 grams Sel-Plex.
This will depend on the density of the Sel-Plex, how tightly packed in the spoon. 0.85 grams contains 1.7 mg selenium.

The most economical way to supplement selenium with a premium natural source, Sel-Plex.

Just like vitamin E, selenium is antioxidant which plays a role in protecting cell structures and cell membranes from the effects of oxygen free radicals produced during energy generation and therefore  important for tissues with high aerobic metabolism activity like the brain/nervous system, heart, skeletal muscles and rapidly growing tissues.

Sel-Plex is considered to be a premium form of organic selenium yeast, 0.2% (2000 mg/kg) selenium yeast.

Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD “Whole blood selenium is the preferred test, since it measures both selenium in the plasma and selenium inside red blood cells. With marginal intakes of selenium, the red cell levels will drop first, so serum or plasma testing may show adequate levels when total body selenium is actually borderline or low.”‘

These articles by Dr Kellon are very helpful for understanding selenium supplementation:
Don’t Fear Selenium
Lose your Fear of Selenium

This product is contraindicated for use when selenium intake from pasture is high or selenium is provided by other means (such as top dressing, vaccine, pellets or selenium drenches) if blood selenium levels at treatment are high. Users can determine selenium status by consulting their veterinarian.

Sel-Plex is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in horse’s feed. Product has no therapeutic effect and is designed to be administered in a feed for voluntary ingestion for horses.
Animal consumption only.


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