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Equine Nutrition Webinar

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The Smart Way to Feed Horses – Sunday 24th & Monday 25th May 2020

The USA based Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP) offers the webinar to their members and anyone interested who would like to take part. Webinar recordings will be made available for 2 weeks following both sessions.

This is a two-part webinar and both sessions must be taken together. Each session will run about 2 to 2.5 hours with the opportunity for Q & A.

This webinar fulfills the Advanced Nutrition course requirement for PHCP students but is open to anyone world wide who would like to enrol. Cost is in USD $150 for non members.

Horse owners will commonly seek advice from their hoof care practitioner about the best approach to feeding their horses. It is vital that you can help with informed advice based on scientific evidence and common sense rather than fads or myths. This course is designed to complement Dr Eleanor Kellon’s NRCPlus.

May 23-24 Saturday and Sunday
New York City time, start 5pm

In Australia
May 24-25 Sunday and Monday
Sydney time, start 7am

Topics covered in the two sessions
Equine digestion
Why fibre matters
Nutrients: protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and electrolytes
Feeding for hoof, coat and immune system health
Understanding pasture and hay and the nutrition they provide – it’s not just roughage or filler
Who are the NRC
Limitations of soil, blood and hair testing
Pasture and hay testing
Understanding common causes of laminitis; insulin resistance IR/EMS and hindgut carbohydrate overload
PPID/Cushings horses
Common feeding fads and myths

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Refund Policy is per PHCP, see their website
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