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Best Guess 1.01 kg pack

Net weight = 1.016 kg - will last 6 months on the standard feeding rate for one horse Note: If you order 2 x Best Guess mixes, the postage cost is the same as for 1 x Best Guess mix. A nutritional mineral supplement with copper and zinc plus iodine to help support optimal hoof, coat, hair and immu ...Read more
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Net weight = 1.016 kg - will last 6 months on the standard feeding rate for one horse

Note: If you order 2 x Best Guess mixes, the postage cost is the same as for 1 x Best Guess mix.

A nutritional mineral supplement with copper and zinc plus iodine to help support optimal hoof, coat, hair and immune system health. Formulated to provide the most commonly deficient minerals based on thousands of pasture and hay laboratory tests. Best Guess is a highly bioavailable mineral mix containing proven premium mineral sources.

The Best Guess mineral mix is ideal for horses where the intake is lacking copper and zinc or a very high iron (or manganese) intake is preventing uptake. 

Copper: has a role in coat colour, iron metabolism, bone development and maintenance of elastic connective tissue.

Zinc: has a role in general growth and metabolism, required for normal bone and cartilage development, involved in maintaining the integrity of skin and mucous membranes, hair and hooves and in wound healing and has a role in maintaining a normal healthy coat.

Iodine: has a role in normal thyroid function and is a component of thyroid hormones which regulate metabolic processes including hair growth.

The small size Best Guess mineral mix will last 6 months on the standard feeding rate of 1 metric tablespoon for one horse (after mixing in 3 kg salt). 

The recommendation to mix salt in with Best Guess is to make the feeding rate very easy to measure. Without salt added to the mix, the size of the feeding rate would be very small and challenging - 5.6 grams.

Since many horses are sodium or chloride deficient and the amount of salt added *per day* to the Best Guess mix is quite small, it is still recommended to supplement in addition 2 tablespoons of salt in one or split among a number of feeds per day, more in hot weather. Always start with a tiny amount and build up slowly to increase acceptance over time.

Best Guess mix is a nutritional supplement product for inclusion in horse's feed. Product has no therapeutic effect and is designed to be administered in a feed for voluntary ingestion for horses.

 Elemental mineral  Per standard feeding rate Per kg
  Copper   200 mg  35452 mg
  Zinc   600 mg  106344 mg
  Iodine   2 mg  302 mg








Safe for laminitic prone or insulin resistant (IR)/elevated insulin horses.
Best Guess mix can be fed with Mov-Ease, Diamond V XPC and Mycosorb A+.


Why do you ask people to add salt?
Copper and zinc are called trace minerals and compared to the major minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, are needed in smaller amounts. If salt wasn't added, it would be difficult for a lot of people to measure 5.6 grams accurately. It doesn't have to be salt, the amount could have been given for any feed ingredient, for example, wheat bran. However, wheat bran is not suitable for all horses, for example, insulin resistant (IR) horses that have to be on a low sugar + starch intake. All brans are high in starch.

Which salt is recommended?
Products like Olsson's Flossy Salt or Pool Salt have a nice gradient size, finer rather than coarse. You can use table salt from the supermarket.

Can it be iodised salt?
Yes, your horse may need more iodine. Iodised salt contains approximately 1 mg iodine per tablespoon.

Why isn't there a scoop?
The aim is to keep the price as low as possible and a scoop wasn't found that was exactly right. I've found from experience that a lot of products that come with scoops actually don't match the feeding recommendations on the packaging. Usually the scoop volume is larger than the actual recommended amount!

The aim to keep the price as low as possible is also why the Best Guess mix isn't made with salt already added. With the additional salt, the product would be a lot heavier resulting in a higher postage cost.

Horse consumption only.

Photos by Sue Seiver, owner of Rudd

For international orders outside of Australia, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for product prices - tax (GST) and shipping costs.

The Best Guess, Equi Horse, Equi Horse +Se and HoofXtra mineral and vitamin mixes came about after a few farriers/trimmers requested it on behalf of horse owners who didn't want to go the whole effort of testing their pasture and/or hay.

Pasture and hay tests around Australia have shown that iron and manganese are often excessive, particularly iron. There is no excretory pathway for excessive iron and excessive manganese is an issue because it takes up storage space that normally is for iron, resulting in more free iron circulating in the system. If the Best Guess mineral mix doesn't help (poor coat appearance, compromised immune system, poor hoof quality), then we know ideally, the pasture/hay should be tested to see what the mineral levels and copper to zinc ratio is. This will tell us what amounts of copper and zinc are needed to optimise the rest of the intake (and the other nutrients like protein, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium).

Instructions: Add 3 kg plain or iodised salt and mix thoroughly in a large bucket with a good lid that seals. The poly copper is a very fine powder, best to use a dust mask. The salt is added so that the feeding rate per day equals 1 level metric tablespoon, an easy to measure size.

One level metric tablespoon of your salt should weigh approximately 22-23 grams. This is in addition to the amount of salt to feed in the diet (1-2 metric tablespoons if intake is untested, more in hot weather). The extra amount is a bonus. Use plain salt, for example 20 kg bags Olssons Flossy salt or Pool Salt from your stockfeed supplier or Iodised salt if you need to supplement more iodine. Without salt, the standard feeding rate is 5.6 grams.