Feeding plan and ongoing nutrition advice

I offer feeding advice based on the whole intake. Any hay or pasture test results are analysed and explained, and used as a basis for feeding recommendations so that mineral imbalances and nutrient deficiencies and excesses are corrected. A custom mineral mix recipe is provided so the horse owner can choose to make it themselves from raw ingredients, thus reducing their costs. The feeding plan report contains nutritional information and suggestions for breeding or growing or performance horses. Recommendations are given for performance horses for the best ways to support them along the lines of timing of feeding, what to feed after work, electrolyting and so forth. Help is available for veterinary diagnosed issues such as laminitis, tying up, ulcers, diarrhoea, sugar sensitivity/insulin resistance and Cushings/PPID. All recommendations explained and no limit on questions. The feeding plan cost may seem expensive but needs to be seen as a longterm investment.”

Horses cost a lot of money and there is plenty of stuff to throw money away on. Feed companies offer advice for free, as long as you accept their recommendation of something in their product line and there may be nothing they sell that suits your horse’s situation. I’m yet to find one that truly takes into account the whole diet, especially the bulk of the intake – pasture or hay. I’m independent so my recommendations are not tied to any company and my aim is to make feeding as simple and cost effective as can be but at the same time, ensuring sufficient nutrients as close to ideal mineral ratios. Good explanation: Cost-Efficient Feeding

A feeding plan will give you

  • Balanced diet recommendations for your horse or horses with what they actually need so you can save money by not spending it on nutrients they don't need based on data.

  • Independent and comprehensive nutritional advice based on science - you are welcome to ask questions before and after the feeding plan is finished.

  • A simple recipe and instructions for making your own custom mineral mix. It will contain what your horses need in the right amounts to ensure optimal uptake for copper and zinc. You can choose to buy the ingredients locally if available.

  • Feedback on the feed and supplement products you are feeding now. If you have feed and supplement preferences I can base the diet on these products but if applicable, I'll also explain why those ingredients may not be in the best interest of your horse.

  • Suggested products based on what is best for your horse in terms of quality, value, cost effectiveness and convenience.

  • Suggestions on how to obtain the recommended products - there will always be choices that best suit you and your horse.

  • Full support and guidance through the steps of preparing a hay or pasture sample for testing at the recommended laboratory.

  • An evaluation of your pasture or hay test so you can understand the test results. Any water test evaluation, for example for bore water, no additional cost.

  • Feeding and management tips appropriate for your situation whether your horse is breeding or in heavy work like racing, endurance or eventing or is prone to health issues like laminitis or skin allergies.

Feeding plan
Feeding plan cost: $350 for the highest needs (heaviest) horse that can be used as a base for all your horses if fairly similar in what they are fed. In the vast majority of cases, the one feeding plan can be used for the horses. If necessary, any extra feeding plans are $80 (at the time of the intial feeding plan).

Email carol.layton@gmail.com for a quote.

I also do feeding plans for horses in many other countries, principally in USA, NZ, Canada, Europe and South Africa.
Email carol.layton@gmail.com for payment options.

If at a later stage you would like the original feeding plan updated, cost is from $110 per feeding plan for a simple update. For example, if you move to a new property or you would like to update the mineral mix recipe with your new load of hay. If other changes are required, the cost reflects the amount of time needed.

Note: To be able to know for sure what amounts of each nutrient/mineral your horse is getting, a sample of your pasture or hay is required to be tested in a laboratory. The lab fee for a pasture sample can be as low as $44USD. If pasture is not significant in your horse’s diet then it isn’t necessary. If only a small amount of hay is in the diet then I can use estimates for your preferred type of hay but the most accurate way is to test. Of course, most of us only buy small amounts of hay from different sources so testing in this situation is not practical. If it is practical, the lab fee for testing hay can be as low as $37USD. These are the laboratory fees, unrelated to the service fee for the feeding plan.

How to get started?

Email carol.layton@gmail.com and I’ll send you payment instructions. After payment is sorted, I’ll send you a questionnnaire to collect details about your horse or horses and current feeding regime plus the pasture testing guide and/or hay testing guide, whichever is appropriate.

Any questions are welcome.

Another option is to enrol in NRCPlus, an online 10 week course run by Dr Eleanor Kellon VMD. Once enrolled, you can enrol for free in future NRCPlus classes. No time limit. This class teaches how to balance an intake based on data (forage testing). http://www.drkellon.com/11

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